Hyperboom by Ultimate Ears Will Amp-Up Your Party Game

Ultimate Ears is inserting itself into the 2020 portable party foray with a new and improved set of speakers. While some in the audio-tech community may be on the downward slide, the Logitech underling hopes to help you level-up. Your party vibes may do just that If you can get your hands on its new Hyperboom portable speaker setup. Considering the spring/summer festival season is quickly approaching, the new device is making its way to shelves not a moment too soon. With a tentative release for early March, you could be blasting the doors off your Ultra Miami after-parties.

Tell your mom, tell your wife. The Hyperboom is coming to take over the portable party game!

With the Hyperboom, Ultimate Ears is setting itself up to put pressure on some of its portable speaker competitors. Namely, JBL, Soundboks, and Sonos who’ve already found ways to wheeze the maximum juice out of smaller components. In particular, this little monster features a lighter box (just 13 pounds or 6kg). Aside from being lightweight, it will be lighter on your wallet with it’s $400 cost projections. Though it’s a tad pricier than many portable speakers, it still comes in decently lower than its target competition. Most importantly, it doesn’t seem to be light on the features.

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The Hyperboom from Ultiamate Ears should undercut the competioion in cost without shortchanging us on features.

Hyperboom Specs on Specs on Specs

Of course, Endgadget is all over this new toy and is already reporting some of the bang you’ll be getting for your bucks. First of all, the Hyperboom promises three to 24-hours of rage time depending on how hard you push it. Although, the speaker’s shape will limit it’s output to a “meager” 270 degrees of sound. Secondly, two 1-inch tweeters, two 4.5-inch woofers, and two 3.5-inch radiators comprise the compact tower. Therefore, the tiny package should power your beats from the low end (45KHz) to the highs (20KHz), up to 100 decibels, with no issues. Thirdly, the casing is splash-proof, so if things get a little crazy, a minor party foul shouldn’t mute the fun. Nevertheless, the most impressive feature appears to be its connect-ability. It boasts a dual-Bluetooth function with fade in/out capability. Additionally, it comes with a 3.5 mm jack and digital optical-in. Thus, adding in some home theater potential to its arsenal.

Clearly, Ultimate Ears wants to help you keep the vibes flowing well into the night and well beyond that first noise complaint. If you’re in the market to level-up your portable party vibes, this might be what you’re after. With March just days away, there isn’t much time to gather up some funds. However, if you’re not quite sold, check out Ultimate Ears’s site now to get the full info on the Hyperboom’s details and specs. Party on and pick yours up here!