2020 has just started and its already looking like another huge year for house music. Along with techno, both EDM genres have been poised for a rebirth for awhile now. The popularity of distinct subgenres are on the rise, and what once was deemed as underground now fills entire arenas. One of the genres which had the most traction in these past years is bass house. Along with future house, a genre which pretty much dominated the scene for a couple of years, it’s bassier brother has steadily increased its fandom into a genre where the best of house and bass finds each other. Now, when talking about these two genres, two of the biggest names in the scene are Tchami and JOYRYDE, who have decided the world is ready for them to come together for a brand new collab.

One of the bosses in bass house, JOYRYDE is just a few steps closer to bringing us the house track of the year.

Dons of House

Both are enormous figures inside their genre. JOYRYDE has been in the bass-house scene since 2015. He’s released some major anthems inside the genre, such as ‘HOT DRUM’ and ‘AGEN WIDA’. He’s supported by an iconic label such as OWSLA and delivers tracks inside the realm of 120-130 bpms. The result? Absolute, ecstatic madness. Now, what would you get, if you combined this madness, with religious, transforming, sanctifying house beats? Absolute bliss. Enter the preacher. The minister. The shepherd. Tchami. The French DJ, one of the biggest names in future house brings one of the purest, most amazing sounds inside the industry. Working alone, or developing amazing ideas such as the Pardon My French collective, Tchami is a religious experience inside the EDM scene.

Future house pioneer and ultimate Don, Tchami knows the world is ready for this religious experience of a song.

But, how did this all start? Yesterday, JOYRYDE tweeted a picture. On it, he described what a song between him and the French DJ would sound like. However, the important part arrived later. Lucky for us, this tweet caught Tchami’s eye. In just three words, the French confirmed our wildest dreams. You can check the actual tweet and Tchami’s answer below.

What will this song sound like? Apart from perfection, we can’t really be sure. Both artists have an amazing talent to move through millions of sounds without ever losing their signature sound. I, personally, can’t wait for this song to be unleashed into the world. I have been digging this whole movement for a couple of years now, and I won’t be able to sleep well again until I listen to this track. Tchami, JOYRYDE, I beg you. Please save our souls and make this track one for the ages. No hurries.