Giuseppe Ottaviani Debuts Live 3.0 Show At ASOT950

Over the past year, Giuseppe Ottaviani had taken fans on a special journey with his Live 2.0 show, an artful production allowing the trance visionary to perform “freshly-made” tracks at every show. But now, fans are ready for the next level. And so, at A State of Trance 950 last weekend, the Italian DJ-producer has once again proved his creative brilliance with his Live 3.0 show.

What exactly does the upgraded edition of his Live show entail? According to the man himself, “Live 3.0 is about individualising the performance of the music that the previous version helped birth. Performing a track generally means you can play it a number of different ways. With 3.0 though, that’s rendered near infinite.”

But how exactly will it be different from Live 2.0? Aside from aiming to further his goal of “making every element of the music played exclusive and unique to the set, the night and the moment,” Giuseppe also explains a desire to create a deeper connection with fans. “With 2.0 people couldn’t see me play its keyboard component as it was desk level and within the box. With 3.0 the two keyboards and the drum machine are raised up high, which will naturally bring a far greater connection between what the audience sees and what the audience hears”.

Trance starts and finishes with its music and our shared experience in hearing itThat’s what sets our sub-genre apart and makes it uniqueThe artist who can customise the floor experience to the audience to the greatest degree is the one who’ll reap the greatest crowd response. That thinking has been central to everything I’ve done for many years now and without doubt is the driving force behind the Live show experience. My goal is to make every element of the music played exclusive and unique to the set, the night and the moment. Live 2.0 was heavily geared towards that, but I think through 3.0, I’ll be within touching distance of that aim.”

Having been there in the moment for the debut of Giuseppe’s Ottaviani’s Live 3.0 at ASOT950, we can safely say the mastermind has outdone himself once again. But, of course, we’ll also let you decide for yourselves. Check out his closing set at ASOT950 below!