Get Down to I_o’s NRG 444 EP Now

Our favorite death by techno DJ, I_o, is out with NRG 444 EP. Listen now on mau5trap and try not to die.

It has four tracks, the first being ‘Another Level‘ and boy, does it take you there. Starting off with a big room, dark heavy groove, it pounds relentlessly. Then the melody intensifies as words echo ‘I be on another level’. Filled with raging synths, hi-hats, and that techno heartbeat, nothing is better than this track–straight fire.

Dancing‘ is next on the compilation and it is even darker and heavier than the last one. Lockhart brings together dance music’s finest elements. We get mad retro European rave vibes with this one. He’s got influences from deadmau5 and UMEK to techno’s most underground leaders. It’s grimy, it’s sweaty, it’s the Matrix.

Normally, ‘Parental Advisory‘ means this content is not safe for work. Well, that is also the case with this third track. The progressive buildup of the melody turns this acid dream funnels you into your deepest, demonic desires. The menacing bass line is just the beginning; when you reach the middle, things start to take a turn for the mau5. “Sex, drugs, techno” indeed, we salute you for this one, sir!

I think we can all resonate with this last track, ‘This is Rave‘, because this is life. A celebration of not just new music that we love, but of space that we cherish with others. I_o breathes new, innovative, and unique sounds to the label. His ethos is what we hear.

Ready for Garrett to take over 2020 as well? He continues his ‘i am now in control‘ tour all through the country starting in San Diego and making his way across. Don’t miss his driving sets that grasp and don’t let go. Remember, this is his state of techno.

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