Galantis Releases 2 Tracks Ahead of New Album, Church

Galantis is ready for 2020. The Swedish DJ/Producer duo kicked off the year with huge announcements. Galantis announced that their new album Church would be out this week. To prepare us for this release, Galantis decided to release two songs from their album early. The songs are titled ‘Steel’ and ‘Unless It Hurts’ and will be part of the duo’s new album.

Both songs are classics Galantis tracks. Beautiful melodies, amazing chord progressions, breathtaking vocals, and amazing drops are scattered throughout. All of this comes together in a way that only the duo knows how to piece together. It’s easy to identify many of the sounds included inside the track. However, this does not mean their songs are simple. It just means that gives us a unique insight into how the puzzle inside their mind comes together.

Swedish Duo Galantis just released two songs as they prepare for the release of their new album Church

With this album, we hope Galantis will be able to go back to the top. Tracks such as ‘Runaway’, ‘No Money’, and ‘Gold Dust’ all dominated the scene as soon as they came out. Along with an amazing live show, Galantis has been able to stay relevant in the scene long enough to be able to finally release another album. Let’s hope this one’s as good as the ones that came before.

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Stream Steeland ‘Unless it Hurts’ by Galantis below!