It has been an extremely remarkable 2020 thus far for Svdden Death. Gathering a sinister crowd over the swank Valentine’s Day weekend in Los Angeles; fans were in for a special treat when he showcased his ‘RIP Your Heart Out‘ headline tour at the notorious Hollywood Palladium. The show had various fun-fulling acts such as Marauda, Phiso, Aweminus, Neonix, and AHZ

Svdden Death has garnered himself a reputation within dance music through the other-worldly dark and evil sound of crisp stereo-dimension expanding basslines and unruly time signatures. Prominent tracks include “MODERN SORCERY”, “TERRIBLE”, “BEHEMOTH”, “RISE” and of course “ANGEL STYLE”.

Over the last few years, dubstep has significantly shaped dance music culture in Los Angeles by turning it into one of the nation’s most thriving hubspots for energetic bass shows. Svdden Death without a doubt unleashed a purgatory of madness by playing the  heaviest set of the tour ventilating a rush of unreleased music leaving every fan completely speechless.

Unsurprisingly enough throughout the sold out night a slew of assailing moshpits ensued as well as a wall-of-death as fans could not help but recklessly lose themselves into absurdity of unwieldy heavy music and commotion.

Determined to give fans even more substance; Svdden Death pervaded the minds of those who dared to enter the unbarring dimensions of his moniker,VOYD. Casting a decapitated head into the crowd and to what only fans can witness in person is the celestial moment of Svdden Death floating in the air mid-performance. Many artists have done interesting things throughout their shows; but this was truly a legendary moment to set the bar high for an iconic sold out show.

Needless to say, Svdden Death has further proved himself worthy of the diablerie throne by not only selling out the Hollywood Palladium over the event-filled Valentine’s Day weekend; but also designating his presence within the city of lights and glamour by exhilarating fans with a 10 star performance.