Elon Musk’s track ‘Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe’ has not only recently been bootlegged by Netsky—it also just broke the Soundcloud top charts. His song holds over 3M plays 3,600K comments, and 3,395 reposts. He even tweeted the track’s stats last week via Twitter.

Perhaps Elon might invest in Soundcloud, or even buy it out and create some super-conglomerate futuristic streaming service. With him, who really knows? The fact that he broke the top tracks list last week doesn’t surprise us, no matter what the material may be. His name carries weight and people will always follow. The reactions so far have been mostly positive, and his track is continuing to get bombarded with comments.

While the track itself isn’t quite my vibe, I can appreciate the fact he’s branching out to do different things. I just wonder if the next Tesla models will have his songs pre-loaded to play when you open the doors.

Elon Musk – Don’t Doubt ur Vibe