Los Angeles duo ARMNHMR released their first ever full length album, The Free World, under Steve Aoki’s record label Dim Mak last Friday to thousands of eager fans.

Two years of work have come together in this collection of rich, cinematic melodies, and talented vocal collaborations that collide for an uplifting, feel-good experience.

As you listen to each song we hope it takes you back to a time when everything felt right. 

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First in the album is ‘Forever Young’, featuring vocals from Melanie Fontana. A lilting piano melody opens the scene. Harmonies and lyrics soon follow before erupting into a beautiful union of bass and synthesizers that sets the bar for the entire album.

But ARMNHMR doesn’t disappoint. Continuing the tone of optimism, the second track, ‘Bulletproof’, is a masterclass in melodic dubstep. With catchy vocals, a deliberate rhythm, and resounding synths, the two deliver a memorable musical experience.

Although ARMNHMR made their name in the melodic dubstep scene, their new release isn’t just more of the same stuff. If the new album is any indicator, the two are branching out towards a more laid-back, future bass-oriented sound.

Songs from the release like ‘I Don’t Know You’ with Luma, and ‘I’ll Be Fine’ have melodies in the duo’s signature style, but forgo heavy climaxes in favor of a more free and easy drop that relies on synthesizers to set the pace.

All in all, both previous fans and newcomers to ARMNHMR’s sound will be pleasantly surprised with The Free World. The effort and passion the two put in is obvious right from the get-go. Give it a listen below or head here.

If you like the album and you’re in the United States, you’re in luck. ARMNHMR is currently touring to cities all over the country. You can find a link for shows and tickets here.