Drumcode starts off 2020 with a new release from techno guru Thomas Schumacher. Crimson is his 3 track EP which marks his debut on Adam Beyer’s iconic label.

When it comes to the sheer wealth of techno knowledge and technical skill, there aren’t many that can compare to Thomas Schumacher. The Berlin producer has been providing pristine production to the techno world since the 1990’s. Known for his versatile sound, his dedication for his craft allows him to stay relevant after all these years. By consistently questioning his passion for techno, he seamlessly reinvents himself throughout his prolific career. Thomas’s tenacious vision to create in the studio allows him to traverse through countless techno soundscapes and oscillating colors in his aural masterpieces.

In his latest Crimson EP, Thomas pushes boundaries yet again, raising the bar for dynamic peak time techno. Featuring swelling composition and edgy techno riffs, each synth driven track make for prime time dance floor weaponry. With this latest release leading the charge, we can’t wait for what’s in store for Thomas in 2020!

Thomas Schumacher – Crimson EP