Spencer Brown Releases Latest Album ‘Stream Of Consciousness’

18 months after the release of his debut LP Illusions Of Perfection, Spencer Brown is back and more beautiful than ever. The San Francisco native has gifted us with a mix album that blurs the line between deep house, progressive and trance and delivers a fresh take on the classics.

From the angst of ‘Long Way From Home’, to the driving energy of the underground ‘Windows 95 On Acid’, Spencer is making waves in the EDM realm. Meticulously crafted through no fewer than 329 revisions, Stream of Consciousness is an exploration into Spencer’s sound. From the serene soundscape of ‘SF to Berlin’ to the peak-time progressive energy of Wilt Claybourne collaboration ‘Womaa’, the energy ebbs and flows, but never loosens its grip.

Spencer applies his own spin to the breakbeat with ‘Chance On Us’, while ‘Pursuance’ with rising Anjunadeep star Marsh is a 90’s-flavored track. It seems that artists are beginning to go back to their roots, cultivating sounds that helped shape early EDM music.

Spencer explains his love of the mix format…

“The mix album took 329 revisions to finalize. I’m a control freak with my mixes – it’s deeply ingrained in my creative process. With that in mind. I didn’t send any tracks to anyone for mix help, and I created and mixed 100% of the final product. Creating an album of radio-edited singles has never interested me creatively. I prefer to craft music that keeps a listener in a flow state… I conceived my album as one carefully mixed piece; an hour of continuous music. It’s a collection of tracks I wrote from 2015 to 2019 inspired by the majesty of nature, missing a loved one, and the ups and downs of touring – all bundled into a single Stream of Consciousness.”