Pryda Stage Will Return to Tomorrowland Says Adam K on One World Radio

Tomorrowland made headlines yesterday with the announcement of Stage Hosts. On the same evening, Adam K was on-air on One Wolrd Radio, the official TML radio. He then announced that Pryda will be at playing at Tomorrowland 2020.

According to the Reddit listeners who were listening during the announcement, the show will be taking place in the Freedom stage. Adam K repeated the news twice so all we are waiting for now is an official announcement.

Adam K later went on saying : “oh…I don’t think that’s public knowledge yet” but it was already too late.

Eric Prydz hosted last year one of the most epic shows in his and Tomorrowland’s history. This was on week-end 1 with the Holosphere show. it was a massive success but the show got cancelled for Weekend 2. This was due to the Freedom stage collapsing under extreme high temperatures last year.

Many Eric Prydz fans showed disappointment yesterday not seeing an announcement for another Prydz takeover. Thanks to these Reddit users, the fans ended-up having some good news.

At this point we don’t know exactly under which alias the performance will be or if the show will come with a full installation-like Holosphere 2019 and Atmosphere 2018. The upcoming days will certainly bring more announcements, until then, stay tuned for the latest news.