Music Agencies Behind Coachella Lineup

The full Coachella 2020 lineup has been announced and the headliners, and sub-headliners have made a strong impression. However, have you ever wondered what agencies are dominating the lineup?

Here’s what the Coachella lineup would look like if the artists were replaced by their agency that handles NA booking:

Here are infographics provided by ROSTR that further breaks data down into digestible chucks.

Paradigm has the largest share of artists on the bill, leading at 35%. So roughly 1 out of every 3 artists are from their agency. However, it’s worth noting that Paradigm has roughly 1k more artists than the next largest agency, so it’s not that surprising that they dominated the lineup this year. Just four agencies- Paradigm, WME, CAA, and UTA represent almost 75% of the Coachella lineup.

This infographic below analyzes the poster position of the artists and their respective agencies. It’s been broken down by: headliners (top row on the poster), sub-headliners (2nd row), 3rd Row & 4th Row+ (undercard).

So although Paradigm has the most artists overall, the bulk of their artists (73%) are on the undercard. WME and CAA had higher success rates of seeing their artists appear on the 3rd row or above. The traditional agency power-houses, WME and CAA may have fewer artists than Paradigm, but their artists have more of an impact and the agencies see a significantly higher proportion of the arists on the top of the lineup.

It’s good to know that there isn’t a giant monopoly in music and that artists can still have major opportunities no matter which agency they go with. ROSTR will continue to follow on Coachella’s future lineups to compare and contrast future trends and changes.

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