Martin Garrix Releases Remix Album of 2019 Hits

Martin Garrix had a massive 2019 with numerous hits. Each of his tracks, like ‘No Sleep’ and ‘Summer Days,’ shot right up the dance music charts. With the new year kicking off, we now get to jam to the best remixes of those songs. Titled 2019 Remixed, Garrix’s new album features 7 tracks ranging from festival bangers to chill vibe tracks.

The Seven Remixes

The remix pack kicks off with Dubvision’s remix of ‘No Sleep.’ The original track is melodic and emotional in nature, but the Dutch duo pumped it up to work better in a club. The build-up gives us a taste of the new drop. It sounds like a signature Garrix drop, but with a special Dubvision twist. This is one is an easy song to dance your night away to.

The second track is a ‘Mistaken’ remix. The track first debuted at Ultra to the masses watching the live stream. DRAMA takes the song and makes it beautifully smooth. Instead of having that massive festival-sized drop, the American DJ makes it into a love song filled with chill beats.

Martin Garrix at Ultra 2019

Next up is ‘Summer Days’, which changed from a beach party to a more funky tune. Vintage Culture and Bruno Be take Macklemore and Fall Out Boy’s lyrics and put them over some silky sounds. Gripping synths pop off in the background throughout the remix, pulling you in with each beat.

Dyro turns one of Martin’s more low-key tracks, ‘These Are The Times’, is turned into a dance party. Another track that will give you chills in the beginning finally has a drop fit for the big stage. ‘Home’ is the fifth song remixed and done by Silque. The Dutch duo put a thick bassline around Bonn’s lyrics. This one has the perfect pace for shufflers to dance too.

The final two remixes come from Martin’s most recent releases. Part B More remixes ‘Used To Love.’ It is a quite different track that you have to really tune into to understand. Deep bass sounds dominate the drop as Dean Lewis’s lyrics are chopped up. Finally, we have Julian Jordan’s remix of ‘Hold On.’ Although last on the album I feel as though this one is the best out of the seven. It is made for the festival scene. This one will certainly get you ready to rave no matter the time of the day.

Make sure to check out all seven remixes below!

Martin Garrix – 2019 Remixed