MAD ZOO Finally Unveils ‘This is MAD TOO’

This is MAD TOO

Mat Zo‘s imprint, MAD ZOO, brought together a number of artists for their second compilation, ‘This is MAD TOO‘. On it, they featured some names we’re familiar with, and a fresh few bringing their sounds aboard.

With that in mind, it includes previously released tracks such as Mat Zo’s ‘Blessed Be Thy Name‘ alongside ‘Red Puma‘ by Gladez and BRUTE. On the other end, you’ll find music by the likes of Carpainter, Kraysh, Tsuruda, Acrillics, Anti.Negative, Chef Boyarbeatz.

Throughout, the compilation mainly focuses on drum & bass, with a tinge of hard hitting bass tracks. Overall, there’s an undoubted level of creativity as the label continues to elevate unique artists. The emphasis on consistently evolving designs and sounds comes off obvious in a pleasant manner. In consideration, there is no doubt that MAD ZOO will soon be at the fore-front of explorative listening.

Moreover, in celebration of ‘This is MAD TOO’, the label took over Bass Waffles for a free show on January 26. We hope to hear about more label showcases to see the full range of what MAD ZOO has to offer.

Finally, listen to MAD ZOO’s stacked ‘This is MAD TOO’ compilation below!