It’s been a massive year for Dutch duo W&W, whose set at Tomorrowland was revealed as Billboard’s Top Facebook Live Videos of 2019. That’s on top of the impressive growth of their Rave Culture label, which was launched last year to promote creative freedom and celebrate different electronic sub-genres.

With these accomplishments, W&W will end the year and decade strong at Singapore’s Marquee. And right before we ring in 2020, we caught up none other than W&W’s own Willem van Hanegem Ward van der Harst.

1. It’s the end of the year, meaning it’s time for reflection. What would you say was your biggest moment of 2019? 

Its always super hard to just pick one moment, but our Tomorrowland set from this year was definitely a highlight. Also our own Rave Culture event that we did during ADE was very special!

2. This year is also extra special, since this would mark the end of a decade too. How would you say your music has evolved over the years? 

We started our career producing more trance orientated music. We still use a lot of euphoric and melodic elements from that, but production techniques and genres have shifted over the years and so has our music.

3. And what have been some of your favourite memories from the decade? 

Tough question, a LOT has happened in the past 10 years. To be honest the entire decade has been one big highlight. We never thought we would be doing this as a profession and now we’re travelling the world doing what we love.

4. I was there to experience your B2B as 2=1 with Timmy Trumpet at AMF (and of course it was awesome!) Will we see more of that in the future? Or any future collab plans?  

Yes both! We’re playing B2B with Timmy at EDC in Mexico and a few more shows are coming. Also we have a new song with Timmy that we’re still working on, but sometimes we play it in the set.

5. Your latest release with Timmy Trumpet ‘Tricky Tricky’ is such a banger! What was the inspiration behind the track’s name and sounds? 

Will Sparks sent us a setup for the song and we absolutely loved it! We started working on it and thought it would be cool if Timmy could also work on it with us, so he did and also recorded some trumpet parts. It’s a cover of an old song by Sequenza which was also called Tricky Tricky.

6. Any other hints on what fans can expect from you guys in 2020?

We have a lot of cool collabs coming up with Lucas & Steve, Timmy Trumpet and lots of others that we’re working on at the moment. Besides that we’re gonna do more Rave Culture events, and also a lot of sick Rave Culture clothing is coming up, original as well as collabs with other brands!

We sure look forward to what W&W has to bring to us in the new year. Relive one of the duo’s greatest moments of the year below!