Scottish trance producer, Grum, is bringing us his highly anticipated ‘Deep State Recordings‘ label in the year 2020. He announced it over social media not too long ago below.

He reveals his logo for the new label and it launches this month! From all the years of music he’s given us, this year is going to be something even better to look forward to. Featured in his Instagram post are Will Atkinson, Gareth Jones, Tinlicker, Genix, Dave Dresden, and Ilan Bluestone. All trance heavyweights in sweet, candid photos and we love it. Perhaps we will get to see many new songs featured on his label from all his friends.

Last year, Grum treated us to his new album ‘Deep State‘, that contained powerful progressive house tracks with a deep, dark sound. Looking at his sound that has changed over the years since his inception, Graeme Shepherd has got range.

He has easily become one of the most sophisticated and emotive producers in electronic music of our last decade. From humble beginnings in electro house to his status as one of the most innovative producers in trance and progressive house, this titan is giving us more. As a major leader in the Anjunabeats label, he producers bold, trademark tracks that are colorful and chilling. Let yourself immerse in his deeper, more atmospheric tracks as they push a darker, edgier sound.

He takes influence from the sounds of Depeche Mode, New Order, Tears for Fears, and Delphic. This is easily why we hear that synthwave classic signature sound. His sound transcended from big room to bold, joyous synths. His live performances bring us joy and he is continuing his Deep State tour though February 1st. Be sure to catch it wherever you are in the country.

Find tour dates here as we wait for new releases this year.