Goldman Sachs CEO DJing Sports Illustrated Super Bowl Party

With football season at its peak, fans across the country are preparing for Super Bowl LIV. Super Bowl Sunday boasts countless parties with DJs, food, and of course, football. One of those parties has a special DJ booked that you probably haven’t seen before. Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon has been revealed as the DJ for Sports Illustrated’s official party. The exclusive party is scheduled to take place at The Fontainebleau in Miami Beach.

“You know what, it’s who I am, and nobody would tell me not to play golf.”

David Solomon

To many people’s surprise, Solomon is not new to the electronic music scene. For example, he’s even got his own DJ name, DJ D-Sol. Allegedly, Solomon has a second love for electronic music and enjoys the time to clear his mind from the stress of work. In past years, DJ D-Sol has played at numerous events, including Tomorrowland and an Amazon conference. Solomon has received criticism in the past for taking on DJing. However, he continues to defend his passion.

Though skilled and up for the task, Solomon will not be the only performer during the party. Marshmello, the Black Eyed Peas, and rapper Da Baby are also performing. With many celebrities attending this particular Super Bowl party, Sports Illustrated thought David Solomon would be a unique surprise to the entertainment lineup.

Unfortunately, you’ll need an invitation to get into the Sports Illustrated party next month. Luckily, there will be plenty of other parties to choose from, just not with DJ D-Sol. For now, take a look at the clip below and see DJ D-Sol in action.

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon, AKA DJ D-Sol