Elon Musk Just Dropped a Track & It’s Pretty Decent

Elon Musk surprised the world, not with a new car but with an actual song he produced. Widely known as the genius behind Tesla and SpaceX, Musk announced his creation to the world via Twitter. Earlier this week, Musk teased the release but many were skeptical if he was being serious. Sure enough, Musk dropped an official SoundCloud link with the song “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe”. The track was released on ‘Emo G Records” (get it?) and currently has 621 thousand Soundcloud plays.

Upon listening to the track, you’ll notice that the lyrics repeat for the entirety of the song. Soon after the release, Musk proudly stated that he wrote the vocal and even performed them himself. In all, it’s difficult to connect the vocals to Elon’s voice as he modified them quite a bit. The track’s cover image is equally impressive. The infamous Tesla Cybertruck is seen flying past Mars.

We have to admit, the track isn’t half bad! In the comments even ilan Bluestone was looking to remix it! We’re not exactly sure how long Musk spent working on the project but he did provide photographic proof of himself in the studio. Musk also posted to Twitter several photos of him in a pretty elaborate studio, creating his masterpiece. You can tell he was enjoying himself, taking a break from the world of rockets and fast cars.

While “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe” looks to be an instant hit, we’re not sure if Elon will be creating anything more in the future. Musk is a busy guy running Tesla and SpaceX day in and day out. All in all, we’re keeping our eyes out for a future album one day and possibly a tour! Listen to Elon’s new track below and let us know your thoughts.