In case you were unaware, everyones favorite Papi Gordo recently had his birthday. In case you don’t know who we’re talking about, the man in question is El Diablo, AKA, Carnage. It should be noted, that last year, Carnage was especially quiet on his social media accounts. This might have to do with the fact that he had been taking a ‘break from music‘ at the time. It goes without saying, that it is nice to see him back to his usual self.

If you were unaware that it was Carnage’s birthday, don’t worry, we were too. However, one A-List superstar did not. This particular person happens to be everyone’s favorite rapper, Drake. The Toronto-born Rap/ Hip-Hop mogul recently took the time to wish the Festival-Trap creator, Carnage, a very happy birthday.

While the two undeniably have been exchanging playful jests for quite some time, it is evident that their bromance is reciprocated, and is more than alive and well. Drake had the following to say in regards to Carnage’s birthday:

“Happy birthday to my actual brother @carnage I am sorry I don’t claim you more but you know what mom tells us about how important my image is and what not…wishing you more life and more paid frat party hostings for 2020…swipe right to see who I’m talking about”

This caption was posted under a photo of Drake and Future The Prince on Instagram. After swiping right, the real joke comes out. Rather than spoil the fun for you, I’ll let you check it out for yourself. You can find the full Instagram post in its entirety, below. Enjoy. Happy belated birthday Carnage!

H/T – HotNewHipHop