Two young artists from opposite sides of the globe have come together to create a dance pop single that we can’t get out of our head. “Typo” is by Swedish and Chilean electronic artists, Discrete and Sistek, respectively. The guitar-driven song is the first single of Discrete’s upcoming Explore EP.

With only three singles, Stockholm-based Discrete already has over 55 million plays to his name. Across the Atlantic Ocean, 22 year-old Sistek grew up playing guitar in Santiago, Chile and began producing only three years ago. Since his debut single, “Pitfalls,” he has become the most streamed Chilean electronic artist and has delivered landmark performances at both Lollapalooza and Creamfields Chile.

Sistek and co-writer Tudor finally landed on the guitar riff to “Typo” and lyrics followed soon after an all-nighter in the studio. Discrete invited Sistek to his studio in Stockholm to collaborate and upon hearing the rough demo of “Typo,” he insisted that they finish the track. He and fellow Swede Victoria Voss reworked the confession into a confrontation where lovers sort through their mixed feelings. The product blends Sistek’s tropical feels with Discrete’s momentous sounds to create an unforgettable release.