Diplo Spotted With Model/DJ Chantel Jeffries in Tulum

Must be nice to have millions at your disposal, especially during the holiday season!

Mr. Thomas Wesley Pentz, aka Diplo, was using his time off rather nicely the last few weeks in the ever-popular Tulum, Mexico. The small, quaint city has absolutely received more attention over the years thanks to trips from celebs and influencers. This holiday season has seen even more.

There were no shortages of celeb spottings with Diplo! Friends of his, along with some high profiled models (Jocelyn, Devin Brugman, more) graced the beaches during the warmer days.

However, Chantel Jefferies was in attendance and was on the forefront of Diplo’s mind, it seems! Photos were taken of the two in the water swirling romance rumors. She even included him on her instagram taking photos of her in a beautiful bathing suit.

Diplo is no stranger to the dating world as he is known for spending time with Katy Perry in years past. He, however, is on great terms wit his ex-partner Kathryn Lockhart, with whom he shares two songs with, Lockett and Lazer.