One of the biggest noisemakers of 2019 has been TVBOO. The DJ and producer has not only released a handful of hard hitting tracks but also performed some major shows this year. To close out 2019, TVBOO has just released another big track and this time it is called ‘The Liquor’.

Released on BOOTLip records, TVBOO’s new track, ‘The Liquor’, is another entertaining and creative track. His ability to incorporate so many different sounds into a track makes him to be such a unique artist. This is one artist to keep an eye out for in 2020 as he continues to release hard hitting records and dropping neck-breaking tracks at his live shows.

TVBOO will be performing in Houston alongside Midnight Tyrannosaurus and Kai Wachi at the Ayva Center. You can grab your tickets to that show here now. Check out TVBOO’s new track ‘The Liquor’ below now!