Watch Steve Aoki and David Guetta Go B2B At MDL!

Whether you like them or not, there’s a handful of musicians who, single-handedly changed the EDM industry forever. These musicians might have followed different paths since then. However, their contributions to the genre we all love and are a part of can never be denied. When talking about DJs who changed the game forever, it’s hard not to mention both David Guetta and Steve Aoki. The two superstar DJs went B2B for the first time at MDL Beast Festival in Saudi Arabia.

Two Huge Names. One B2B

One of the DJs responsible for taking EDM into the point where it is today. One of the biggest performers on earth. A perfect match in which production, insane mashups, and an insane amount of energy was all over the place. Aoki and Guetta managed to put some of their biggest hits together into a mixture that was simply amazing. Songs that dominate festivals today and songs which took over the radio and the world back at the beginning of the decade were both present. ‘Titanium’, ‘No Beef’, ‘Memories’ and the legendary ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ were just some of the golden tracks the duo played during the night.

Steve Aoki b2b David Guetta
You can love them, you can hate them, but you can’t deny both Steve Aoki and Guetta have carved their name into today’s EDM industry stepping stones.

In the end, the set managed to turn the whole festival into a madhouse. People were able to enjoy a set that will be remembered in Saudi Arabia for a long time. Hopefully, this type of event will only help spread love throughout the world. In a personal opinion, it’s a privilege to be able to watch two pioneers, which were able to change the industry their own way together on stage. Here’s to more B2Bs like this one!

Watch Steve Aoki B2B David Guetta at MDL festival below!