Pandora Releases Mobile App Revamp with Personalized Features

After what seems like forever, the redesigned Pandora mobile app is live for all its users. While the update began to roll out to users in October, everyone should be able to access the new features today. The new redesign offers many customizable features that successfully catch the streaming service up with its competitors. For example, a new ‘For You’ tab highlights original podcasts and SiriusXM talk shows. In addition, the app has been further streamlined, making for an easier user experience.

“This campaign is all about showing our listeners that Pandora is still the service they know and love, but it looks and feels a whole lot different — a whole lot better. The product is at the center, and we are highlighting the personalized, on-demand content Pandora users want.”

In all, this major update aims to ensure users are able to explore and find new music and entertainment. While people may not purchase music and podcasts as much anymore, the streaming world has turned its focus to personalization. Similar to Apple Music and Spotify, Pandora’s “For You” section gives each user their unique user experience. This “dynamically-updated” feed refreshes each day with new music and podcast options you may enjoy. Users may also find music by genre, mood, activity, and release date!

To set themselves apart from the rest, Pandora will also include custom playlists from the likes of Lebron James and Odell Beckham Jr. Additionally, at the conclusion of each year, Pandora will produce a year-end review called Playback 2019. There will also be a ten-year playlist called “Pandora’s Top Thumb Hundred 2019.”

Too Late?

In all, we think Pandora users will enjoy the new features and find the app more enjoyable to use. While many of the features have been prevalent in other streaming platforms already, we’re glad to see a shift towards a more personalized experience. Let us know how you feel about the update and how it compares to other streaming sites you’ve used.