After returning back from his massive Gravity II tour, DJ and producer Gryffin returned to the studio to find a big surprise. Here, he discovered his first career Gold plaque, commemorating his insanely successful track ‘Feel Good.’ In collaboration with Illenium and Daya, ‘Feel Good’ is his biggest hit to date with over 140 million streams on Spotify. The 2017 track is still loved to this day, and certainly impacted the escalation of Gryffin’s career. Its melodic rhythm and incredible vocals truly do make you feel good – there is something extra special about this track. Gryffin took to his social channels to show appreciation for both of them as well as his fans.

Feel Good

According to the RIAA, you need to have 500,000 track sales in order for your track to qualify for gold. As you go up the scale you need 1,000,000 track sales to earn a Platinum record. And I know what you are thinking – 140 million is a lot more than both of those. However, since streaming is so prevalent in today’s society, they adjusted the scale. 150 streams now equal one track sale. So in Gryffin’s case, this puts him at Gold, but as more streams roll in, ‘Feel Good’ may go Platinum someday.

Gryffin continues to make a name for himself in the dance music world – and he is just getting started. He has steadily risen in popularity and continues to get more musically diverse as the years pass. We are stoked to see what’s next for Gryffin in 2020. All we know now is that he is ready to be back in the studio and work on new music.