Gareth Emery Releases New Heartfelt Single ‘Somebody’

Gareth Emery – Somebody (feat. Kovic)

Since August, Gareth Emery has dropped three installations of Laserface as well as two trance bangers, ‘Vesper’ and ‘Lionheart‘. Now, he is wrapping up the year with his newest single ‘Somebody‘ featuring English singer and songwriter Kovic. Out via Monstercat Records, the track is a fresh deviation from his usual style — a feel-good tune that reminds us to cherish our loved ones.

The artist’s new single strikes the perfect balance between Kovic’s soulful vocals and crisp acoustics. Complemented with a subtle trance arrangement, the elements fuse together to create melodies that are, as Emery said, “pure Emery thru and thru”.

The long-time producer also released an official music video on Youtube alongside the track. Since the video script was written the same day as the song, the two complement each other very well. As a result, the same feelings of youthful bliss emanate from the moments of love and carefreeness captured in the video.

Be sure to check out the music video below with that special ‘Somebody’ in your life!