Heads up, the Gorillaz have a documentary concert film they are releasing titled ‘Gorillaz: Reject False Icons‘. In less than three weeks, we see its release in theaters for ONE night only on Monday, December 16th.

This is a brand-new documentary film from the band; it took three years to make. It is a debut feature for director, Denholm Hewlett. The film follows the band’s every move for three years, and covers the making of two critically acclaimed albums and a world tour. As a result, you get to witness the very first all-access immersive journey into the animated band’s world and its extended family.

The 30-second trailer below released on Wednesday November, 27th. Clips of the virtual band start off the video as the crowd cheers in the background. Footage shows Damon Albarn working with his colleagues on the stage and in the studio. And if that wasn’t enough, we even get feature appearances by Vince StaplesPusha T and more. Sheer excitement and enthusiasm from the jumping crowd and screams towards the end show just how wild this ride is going to be.

No longer on tour but with a successful festival under their belt, we now see the making behind the magic of their existence. Albarn’s dream of being able to play onstage with the “Grateful Dead of cartoons” is finally coming to fruition. If this is the rumored movie that was mentioned a year ago, then kudos guys, you did it!

Reject False Icons will screen in theaters around the world, with tickets available here. So what are you waiting for? Find a theater near you and lock in your ticket.

For now, watch the trailer below and tell all your friends.