Avicii’s Mega-Hit ‘Wake Me Up’ Was 8th Most Streamed Song Of The Decade

Although it’s been more than a year since we lost Swedish DJ/Producer Avicii, we can’t go a week without listening from one of EDM’s biggest legends. Two weeks ago, we enjoyed one of the biggest events in EDM history. Avicii’s Tribute Concert was, without a doubt, one of the biggest and best events of the year. Now, we can for sure say Avicii was, without a doubt one of the biggest EDM musicians in the decade. As Spotify reveals it’s top 50 most streamed songs of the decade, Avicii’s mega-hit ‘Wake Me Up’ featuring Aloe Blacc took the 8th place, confirming the artist as one of the most influential in the decade.

‘Wake Me Up’

‘Wake Me Up’ was released in 2013. It features American singer Aloe Blacc. Incubus guitarist, Mike Einziger is featured as well. It is a perfect mix between folk music and EDM. Avicii premiered the song at Ultra Music Festival 2013. Initially, the song suffered strong setbacks. It was strongly criticized, and rejected by many inside the EDM industry. Around that time, Avicii declared “they’ll understand soon”.

Avicii and Aloe Blacc working on Wake Me Up
One of the biggest songs in the decade, ‘Wake Me Up’ reached 8th place in the 50 most-streamed Spotify songs in the decade.

Well, as of today, we can say, they understood. ‘Wake Me Up’ went on to achieve 1st place in more than 30 countries. It sold millions of copies all over the world. As of today, it’s the most shazamed song of all times with 23,134,160 shazams. It went diamond, platinum, and gold in countless countries as well. Arguably, ‘Wake Me Up’ is one of the biggest songs of all time.

Today’s Influence

Today, as the decade reaches its end, we can once again relieve this magical song and everything it brought to the game. Avicii was always a pioneer, fusing new sounds and breaking new barriers. ‘Wake Me Up’ is arguably, one of the biggest songs in the musician’s career. We can assure you, EDM will never forget Avicii and his music, and apparently, neither will the world. 6 years later, and his music hasn’t lost its greatness. Avicii continues to live in the hearts of many, and in the new decade, it will for sure continue to be that way.

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