ATTLAS – Sinner Complicated

ATTLAS is finally releasing his first track of the year. ‘Sinner Complicated‘ comes off the artist’s upcoming album, Lavender God. The six-minute journey is delivered via deadmau5mau5trap imprint with an accompanying video by Cyclo.

‘Sinner Complicated’ kicks off with intricate and atmospheric synths. From there, light and wavy sounds shape the ambiance of the song. This progressive take flows well with the brooding elements, building into a stellar development. The track encompasses a malevolent, brooding feeling which boils through a graphic essence. It’s a treat to hear how the artist’s progression in sound evidently allowed for the culmination of this new song. Overall, ‘Sinner Complicated’ strikes a balance between the moving rhythm, rolling synths, and cinematic frame.

Accompanying the track is an alluring video by Cyclo centering around the human dynamic with nature. The moments in which plants begin to converge with human creation shapes a moving gradient. ATTLAS usually imbues his tracks with meaning, and there’s a living sense of his ideas and experiences. The track’s title alone evokes the intensity portrayed in the song. Altogether, there’s a harmony between the music and visuals.

Listen to ATTLAS’ ‘Sinner Complicated’ off the artist’s upcoming album Lavender God, and be sure to watch the video on YouTube below!