Yup, you read that right. House music artists MK and Sonny Fodera hopped onto Berlin’s underground train system – the U-Bahn – for a b2b set. This didn’t happen in the middle of the night on an empty train, either. It happened smack dab in the middle of a commuting train during business hours, so anyone could hop on and join the party. Talk about a stellar ride home, right?

This was put on by Selected Sessions, a Berlin-based crew that has started to create unique experiences with some of their favorite artists in not-so-expected places (like, well, subways). They previously hosted Gorgon City in another unique Berlin location as well – you can watch that set here.

When discussing the MK x Fodera set, Selected Sessions explained:

As Selected continues to grow, so does our vision. We want you – our fans – to be at the centre of this. Each and every one of you inspires us every day, to find the best music, produce the best content and continually push boundaries to re-imagine what Selected is.

Coming from Berlin, the U-Bahn has always been a staple of the culture and our lives. For as long as we can remember, it has always been our dream to host a party on the U-Bahn, but we never imagined it to be this special. Joined by MK and Sonny – two artists that are a huge part of our beautiful community and have supported us from the beginning, we are absolutely honoured to present this next Selected Session.

As always, thank you to our team that worked tirelessly to turn our crazy dream into a reality, and thank you to you guys for always believing in us. We promise there is so much more to come.

Watch the video below!