Tritonal – Shivohum

Tritonal are teaming up with Henry Dark to deliver us a melodic progressive trance track, ‘Shivohum‘ through Enhanced Music. Interestingly, they opted for the use of Sanskrit and Hindi lyrics written by Tritonal themselves. The original Sanskrit reads;

“guide me from ignorance to truth, guide me from darkness to light. Creator, preserver, and destroyer (of material existence). I am that (pure consciousness), I am that, inner self”

Starting off, ‘Shivohum’ clearly extracts a great deal from the use of a mantra and spirituality. This progressive trance track highlights both melodic and uplifting tones. Furthermore, it manages to incorporate a calming essence within its breakdown propelling the energy of the chorus. Finally, Chad Cisneros of Tritonal spoke on the track’s ethos and choice to use Sanskrit.

Mantra and meditation have become cornerstones on which a new spiritual paradigm has taken form in my life. I wanted to point towards the inner stillness I feel during mediation in a track, and Sanskrit was a great tool for this. Shout out to my Indian manager Amit for the guidance!

This release follows ‘Never Be The Same‘ featuring Rosie Darling which nodded to the group’s start in dance music. If you’re looking forward to hearing it or ‘Shivohum’ played out, follow along Tritonal’s tour here. On the other end, you can reach Henry Dark here.

Listen to Trintonal’s ‘Shivohum’ which is out on Enhanced Music below!