Swedish House Mafia & Mike Dean Spotted In Studio Together

It seems just like yesterday that the Swedish House Mafia reunited, and re-ignited the global demand for their music. Since their reunion, the trio has played a handful of shows around the world. While this wasn’t quite the ‘World Tour‘ we were expecting, it’s nice to have them back nonetheless.

You would expect that with a reunion, we would also be receiving new music. If you thought this, you were wrong. It was only a few months ago, that a new SHM ID popped up on Shazam. With this ID came the thought that the boys we’re finally back and new music was just around the corner. We are now in November, and if you followed this train of thought, you were once again, wrong. From the looks of Instagram, our luck may finally be turning around, or not.

It was recently shared with the Swedish House Mafia subreddit, that the boys were in the studio with the legendary Mike Dean. If you’re unfamiliar with Dean, he is responsible for hits from some of today’s biggest stars, to include Kanye West, Travis Scott, Jay-Z, and even the late 2Pac. With a monstrous resume like Dean’s, we can only imagine what they are cooking in the studio, but from what we can tell, it’s gonna be huge.

If you’ve recently checked out their official Instagram, you can see that something is definitely amiss. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait too long for this one. Only time will tell. The original photo can be found below.

H/T – r/SwedishHouseMafia