Pioneer Is Releasing A New Controller, The XDJ-XZ

Pioneer DJ, one of the leading DJ gear companies known across the globe, has historically offered a great line of all-in-one controllers: the XDJ series. The brand typically doesn’t leak any announcements about their new release, but a tip from a DJ gear writer recently appeared about a forthcoming product: the XDJ-XZ.

Teotormo, an writer, discovered a little detail on Pioneer’s website where the new controller will appear. There are no details available about this XDJ-XZ yet, but we’re picking up on this Easter egg with hopes of a release coming soon.

Though we’ve been speculating for awhile that a new member of the XDJ family would be coming, this shows that the release is indeed a fact. You can find information on Pioneer’s support page and also in a form on UL (an independent company that verifies the electrical safety of products).

The information that DJTechTools discovered shows how the XDJ-XZ is registered, continually proving this product falls into the XDJ world.

As of now, there are not many other details available. The price of the controller is unknown, as well as its release date or technical specifications. That said, with this website hint, we’d expect more info to be released from the gear giant soon.

We’re looking forward to learning more about this new piece of equipment from Pioneer. Native Instruments released a new controller a few months ago, so it’s good to see Pioneer is keeping up with its new releases. It’s been a few years since their last XDJ release, and the new XDJ-XZ will undoubtedly come with new bells and whistles we’re excited to try out.

Pioneer XDJ-RX2