i_o Releases New ‘Hello Friend 015 :: ALL ACID mix’

i_o is continuing his hot streak this year and giving us something new for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. This time, it’s an ALL ACID mix featuring some tracks from his latest EP ‘ACID 444‘. See its release on mau5trap now.

As soon as it starts it is blaring with 90s warehouse vibes and scintillating synths. Upbeat drum kicks alternate and propel the mix forward. It is just over an hour of straight techno fire. We truly cannot express how much we would love to set this up in a dark room with strobing lights. Acid rave, anyone? Close your eyes and listen in, because this is something you need to experience.

We look forward to the next two parts of his three-part EP. The 303 sounds keep rolling and make him a prodigy for this genre. This jigsaw puzzle of production is just getting started and we are here for it.

Sprinkled in the mix are also sounds of ANNA, Thomas Schumacher, and Raito. Each track is carefully handpicked to make a crafty compilation. Garret Lockhart has taken us by storm with his music and remixes. He’s been associated with industry giants like Jauz, Above & Beyond, No Mana, deadmau5, and more. With support like this, he definitely sells out a crowd.

Fans have already expressed their enjoyment with it and so should you. Check out his upcoming events on his social media page here.

In the meantime, you can take a listen to the latest mix below.

Here is the tracklist:

i_o – Kill Process (ACID 444)
i_o – Rave 444 (ACID 444)
Thomas Schumacher – Embody
Rudosa – Smash The System
i_o – Replicate (ACID 444)
Irregular Synth, Tom Hades – Witches (Stigmata Remix)
Raito – Deep Down Inside (even deeper mix)
Kai – Achilles
T78 – AC_ID
ANNA, Miss Kitten – Forever Ravers
i_o – System Error (ACID 444)

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