Grum Releases Long Awaited Debut Album ‘Deep State’

Today is a good day if you’re part of the Anjuna family, or just a fan of Grum. The reason? The long awaited Deep State album is finally here. When initially announced, the project was shrouded in mystery, with everyone unsure of what was to come.

Eventually, it was announced to be a new studio album from Anjuna artist, Grum. Much to the dismay of fans, the album was delayed. As I’ve said before, today is a good day, and the album is finally out. Featuring 10 tracks in total, the album is a perfect example of what Grum intended Deep State to be.

My personal favorite, and the first single off of the album, is ‘Stay‘. ‘Stay‘ was released in early September, and is an 8 minute odyssey. Although a bit on the long side, every second of it is amazing. A true musical journey some would say.

Looking past ‘Stay‘, the album as a whole is also a musical journey. Grum is able to flex his production chops, and brings us deep, melodic, cohesive works of art. Taking this into consideration, and after having given the album a full listen, I can see why the album was delayed for nearly a year. It’s amazing.

If you’ve yet to give any of Grum‘s music a listen this is a great place to start. The second single off of ‘Deep State‘, titled ‘Tomorrow‘, is another track you should definitely give a listen to. If you’re into artists like Yotto, or Lane 8, you don’t want to miss this.

Check out Grum‘s ‘Deep State‘ below and leave us your thoughts in the comments.

Grum – Deep State | STREAM

Tour dates for Grum‘s ongoing Deep State Rewired tour, can be found here.