GRAVEDGR Takes You ‘6 FEET UNDER’ With New Record


The mysterious man behind the mask, GRAVEDGR, is back once again on Heavyweight Records. After releasing ‘DON‘ earlier this year, he goes back to the roots with a brand new record. The new single is titled ‘6 FEET UNDER‘ and it’s the first release from his upcoming 12 track album releasing in February.

This new record is his most lyrical release to date. ‘6 FEET UNDER’ ​ tells the story of a man repenting his sins for the murders he has committed; while begging for forgiveness for future transgressions. His confession is fueled by rage and haunted by his inner demons urging him to harm bad people. In a heroic attempt to make things right, he will continue in his sinful journey to cleanse the world of evil, letting the album be the soundtrack of his inner struggle. GRAVEDGR obviously continues his signature theme of darkness and murder in this record. He even makes a reference to his previous release ‘BE WARY‘. In the lyrics, he says “Be wary cause you walking through my cemetery.” Of course, this was the pre-drop vocal in ‘BE WARY’. You can see how much damage this record does live down below.

This track is fueled by hardstyle screeches, raw kicks, and trap drums. It’s nothing but pure energy and rage. The first drop is a straight up raw trap smasher. This is fitting as GRAVEDGR is the creator and master of the raw trap sound. The second drop switches it up just a little bit. The first part is a full time rawstyle heater. It then uses an “OOF” vocal from the Roblox video game to completely switch it up into the classic raw trap sound we know and love from GRAVEDGR.

The Story

This single sets up the story for our murderous anti-hero and we’ll see it from start to finish as the album gets closer and closer. Overall, this new record is everything fans want from GRAVEDGR. I never thought I would be writing about raw trap in 2019, but here we have GRAVEDGR making waves and spreading the sound to the masses. Enjoy the journey, and keep in mind that GRAVEDGR’s violence is in the name of good and he can’t stop it. Listen to this dark and twisted release right here or down below. And if you can’t get enough of GRAVEDGR, here’s his brand new mix titled WALKING THROUGH MY CEMETERY VOL. 1.