We’ve been waiting on album news from ATTLAS since his mention of it, and we’re getting the first track, ‘Sinner Complicated‘ soon! It’s due for release on Friday, December 6 via deadmau5‘s imprint, Mau5trap. Beyond, the artist revealed that the upcoming album’s title is Lavender God. While there is no specific release date, he mentioned in a reply on Facebook that we can expect it in less than 2 months!

Jeff “ATTLAS” Hartford has always shown his keen ear towards balancing the emotive with the paced. Since winning the DJ Mag’s Best of North America award for Breakthrough DJ, this album has been on the horizon. Preceding, the artist put out the ‘Storyline 3‘ mix which resonates his cinematic perspective on music. While this facilitates an aspect of his capabilities, the original music will always breathe its unique life and story. With that in mind, ‘Lavender God’ hones on a picturesque title with a thematic, colored tone, and is not likely to be an exception.

Attesting to that notion, the Charcoal Halo EP still lives strong since its release in 2018. Throughout the ATTLAS project, the artist’s non-compromising vision served his sound superbly. It truly portrays a significant growth in willingness to delve into the more introspective and personal notes. Hopefully, there will be a vinyl version to accompany the release of Lavender God since it would be his first. We’re incredibly excited to hear what Jeff has to say on the upcoming album.

Prepare for the release of ATTLAS’ ‘Sinner Complicated’ off Lavender God on Mau5trap by pre-saving it here!