Longstanding DIRTYBIRD staple and house music aficionado Ardalan has released his first-ever album titled Mr. Good. Now available via the Dirtybird Records imprint, the release brings out a side of Ardalan that showcases his unique upbringing and evolution of sound on his homestead label.

Ardalan’s ties to Dirtybird go back to 2007, a year in which he found their crew as a teenager at their first of many BBQ events in a San Francisco park. Today, his forward-thinking record gives Dirtybird yet another successful release that highlights a talented artist we’ve loved to watch grow.

The artist described the inspiration behind the album as a personal story told through his sound, explaining:

“‘Mr. Good’ is about a story of self-acceptance. In some cases, we strive to be the perfect person. Yet, we never learn to be ourselves. We and society are forced to wear a mask to hide our true traits and flaws, which are the very reasons that push us to be a better person in this world.” 

Along with the new release, Ardalan is also embarking on a 36-stop album tour to celebrate these new tunes that will undoubtedly keep you grooving all night long. He’ll be stopping at some of the most intimate, experiential venues across the US, including Vinyl in Denver, CO, Bang Bang in San Diego, Meow Wolf in Santa Fe, Monkey Loft in Seattle and The Parish in Austin.

You can stream the full album below.

Ardalan – Mr. Good