It appears the Winter Music Conference is fully back from the dead and looks to be better than ever for 2020. The four-day celebration of all things dance music will be enjoying its 35th anniversary in 2020. Thus, the legendary event will make its return to the Faena Forum on Miami Beach, March 16-19. With today’s press release, organizers are announcing the badges are now on sale. Additionally, they’re revealing details of what attendees can expect at next year’s event.

35th Anniversary Perks and Events

The big ticket item here looks to be the MMW Oasis at Generator Miami. The press release explains this as a social hub with perks exclusive to badge holders. For instance, cocktail hours, pool parties, and networking events are just a few of the big reasons to jump on those early sales now. Also, this will include the new Mentor Sessions for pro badge holders. From this, professionals can obtain a unique educational experience from industry insiders. Namely, this will include intimate Q&A sessions in a classroom-style setting. Furthermore, all badge-holders will have access to WMC sanctioned events, yoga sessions, and travel benefits. Seemingly, this will provide in-depth industry perspectives on topical items within the comprehensive realm of EDM.

35th Anniversary badges are on sale now as the WMC returns to The Faena Forum on Miami Beach
WMC35 returns to The Faena Forum on Miami Beach in March 2020

Badge Tier Pricing and Benefits

The 35th Anniversary badges are broken down into 3 tiers: Access, Plus, and Pro. The event is still four months out so the press release lists early bird pricing as a result. The price tiers currently stand at $280, $405, and $650 for Access, Plus, and Pro, respectively. More importantly, it details specifically what benefits apply to each badge. For example, the Pro badges offer the most perks being the only level with Mentor Sessions and industry mixers. Clearly, those are the most exclusive of the 3 tiers, hence the 300 badge cap. Nevertheless, all three tiers provide access to the main stages, exhibition hall/amphitheater, and MMW Oasis. Regardless of which tier you choose, you’re certain to get quite a bit of value added to the experience.

Indeed, organizers look to level-up with the WMC’s triumphant return for its 35th anniversary. Coupling that with Ultra Music Festival’s return to Bayfront, Miami Music Week should be a solid investment for 2020. Above all, it will be interesting to see how the festivities play out following years of turmoil and uncertainty. Check out the full WMC35 press release here and watch the trailer below.