Ever heard of Final Kid? Well, he’s the visionary filmmaker behind Ultra Music Festival. All those after movies we receive that bring us back to the weekend come from him. Now, a 53 minute documentary is out detailing everything that goes into making one of his after movies. Watch the Master at work, Charly Friedrichs, in this new video titled ‘ Miami Lights‘ in 4k.

Filmed and edited by Georges Lg, it is an intimate journey through the making of the ‘Ultra Miami Aftermovie 2018’. For the last 9 years, we’ve seen this name appear on each highly anticipated after movie from UMF Miami. Now, we get to understand the who, how, and why.

Who is Final Kid?

Charly Friedrichs is the man behind the moniker. He created it back in 2011. It consists of an international team of the most talented filmmakers and producers. His goal was to transform the concert video industry into an experience film showcasing all the right feels of an “After movie”.

Friedrichs is a true pioneer and contributor to the massive EDM wave. He pushes the limits of how to capture and edit music festivals in a way that moves us. In the video, he includes segments of artists and their stories that lead to heartwarming chills. He says that it takes the right people to collect, stitch, and produce a film that will captivate the pure, raw emotion and energy of the event.

We all know that feeling of entering a festival, walking around, and taking in the sights, smells, and sounds. From beginning to end, we may lose track of time and memory of things we do. Having an after movie that allows us to relive those moments in the exact times we made them, is something special.

Below is the video for your viewing pleasure. With the Gh5 and a Glidecam, witness what happens behind the scenes of the story from a one-man-band to an international filmmaker family.