Not able to catch Illenium’s Ascend Tour live? Thanks to one of his fans, you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home. The performance was taken from the live Twitch stream on Friday and features an hour and a half DJ set with amazing visuals. For the most part, the Youtube video has good quality with some minor sound disturbances here and there.

Although the video labeled Friday as Night 1, Illenium’s first Red Rocks performance was supposed to be the previous night but was cancelled due to extreme weather conditions. Illenials who traveled all across the nation for Thursday’s show were disappointed; however, something to remember is that not even the best DJ in the world can take on Mother Nature. Illenium’s team did their best to compensate and replaced the show with a pop-up shop in Denver. There they sold the artist’s limited edition Red Rocks jerseys that were only available at the venue.

Regardless of the mishap, the producer’s Friday’s performance was killer. If anything, the cancellation probably motivated him to go 110% for the next two Red Rocks shows. Check out Illenium’s set below, and be sure to grab tickets for his Ascend tour here!