While performing a packed show at this year’s Rolling Loud Festival in New York, Travis Scott may have severely injured his knee. New videos on social media show the nasty fall the artists took while on stage. Immediately after the fall, Scott told the crowd, “I ain’t gonna lie, I think I just broke my knee right now” and “Nothing can stop this show”.

Even through the pain, Scott almost immediately got back up and went back to performing . Huge props to him as we could tell he was in pain but wanted to deliver a complete show to his fans. Those close enough to the stage had a full view of Travis’ plummet but many in the back likely missed it. Crew members quickly surrounded Scott to check on his condition but were quickly turned away.

As promised, the show went forward and Travis delivered a stellar show, with the aide of some sort of knee brace. As of now, TMZ reports Scott dislocated his knee from the fall. Additionally, they state the artist met with an orthopedic specialist in Los Angeles earlier this week. In terms of treatment, reports show that Scott will need surgery ASAP. If accurate, it’s difficult to determine how long Scott will be recovering and away from his tour.

In the meantime, we wish a fast recovery to Travis so he can get back to his music! Take a look at his nasty fall below: