Without a doubt, the 2019 festival season is one for the books. Summer seems like a blur and a distant memory at this point. Especially for those of us putting in work along the party circuit. Looking ahead to the holidays, many of us shut it down for the winter. However, if you’re a true festival head, you always have to send the summer off with a bang. For anyone looking to squeeze every last drop out of summer, Imagine Festival has exactly what you need. As a result, the event’s growing exponentially and this year’s edition is the biggest one on record. Therefore, you need to check it out a.s.a.p. if you haven’t yet. Indeed, there are several justifications for believing this so here are the biggest reasons why you should hit up IMF now.

Looking back on its biggest year yet, reminds us of the biggest reasons to hit up Imagine Music Festival now.

1. It’s Not A Typical Massive…Yet

Don’t be fooled by its 4-day stretch and hefty location. Imagine Music Festival isn’t another summertime massive just yet. In fact, one might argue that the sprawling grounds of the Atlanta Motor Speedway is one of IMF’s downsides. With a generous helping of the space inside the stadium seeing utilization, the trek between stages is borderline daunting. The September ATL heat isn’t much help either. Nevertheless, the copious amount of room is a huge upside. For one, none of the stages is ever cramped. Even the main stage allows for free movement from the back all the way to the rails. Additionally, noise bleed between the sound systems was almost non-existent. The same can be said of the campgrounds, parking lots, traffic, and entrance lines too. From this, it’s safe to say that size is one of the biggest reasons why now is the time to hit up IMF. It’s still in that sweet spot between being a smaller event and a huge, Ultra-like massive. Time is running out though as the party has grown quickly in its short tenure and is showing no signs of slowing down.

2. The IMF Party People

As with other events huge events, Imagine Fest isn’t being inundated with festival-douches. Easily, that’s one of the biggest reasons to cop your tickets to next year’s event. For starters, the event capitalizes on a distinct portion of the festival-goer market. Heads seeking to avoid the overcrowding and commercialization of the larger summer parties flock to events like these. Purists essentially, who want to enjoy the plethora of music a large festival brings without that large festival feel. Secondly, the crowd isn’t overflowing with people who are opportunistic or possess contradictory values. Being around like-minded people sharing a love for the music remains an integral part of the EDM community. Furthermore, the Georgia music market primarily focuses on hip-hop and R&B, so IMF draws fans from beyond the local scene. Indeed, that fosters a deeper sense of community and diversity for everyone within the festival grounds. Kiss that atmosphere goodbye once Imagine Festival inevitably explodes in attendance. Get in on it now while it lasts.

3. Fresh Autumnal Beats

Obviously, the beats are one of the biggest reasons why we all come to these gatherings, right? Moreover, the larger events allow us a chance to see some new artists alongside ones we may rarely get to see. Surely, the lineup and music are key to the success of the event. Alas, there are only so many bangers available to fill out that many DJ sets. So, throughout the summer, the music becomes painfully redundant. Producers ditch their studios for the tour circuit and “festival EDM” becomes rampant. This actually works in IMF’s favor in several ways. Namely, by the time fall rolls around, the summer bangers are going stale and new productions are hitting the airways. Plus, this may be the last major booking of the year for some. Consequently, an IMF size and type of crowd is precisely where artists look to try out some of their new stuff. If the music isn’t one of your biggest reasons for going to a music festival, you’re doing it wrong.

4. Vibes Are On Point

Last but not least, the ambiance at Imagine Music Festival is on point. It offers everything any upper echelon festival does. Is there an above-average size crowd treated with stellar production, and a first-class lineup? Check. How about huge festival grounds loaded with amenities, excursions, and ample dance floor space? Check. Beyond that, you definitely get that whole large camping-festival feel without the headaches that come with an EDC or a Tomorrowland. While that may be true, it isn’t the biggest reason to get to IMF now. It’s going to continue to grow, getting bigger and better every year because of the vibes and the energy that can be felt there. They’re the same feelings which EDC and Ultra got their boosts from. Above all, it’s the biggest reason we’re all drawn to EDM. That’s why you should hit up IMF now, and catch those vibes again while you still can.