Pleasurekraft – A6 454 & Prison Planet

Out now are two new releases from Pleasurekraft. One features a collaboration with Argentinian Kraftek regulars Beico & Mt93. Following this is a second collaboration with Spanish producers, The YellowHeads. Released on Kraftek Music, get ready for some new tunes.

A6 454‘ starts off with a Jaws themed introduction. Did you catch its subtle reference to sci-fi cinema? With a pounding bass line and notes that will make your heart flutter, this techno piece is surely interstellar sounding. The echoing synths and melody throughout make this a journey to behold. It is both brooding and ethereal.

Prison Planet‘ holds a peculiar sound but is melodic and gives off underground vibes. A message can be heard around the middle of the piece as its heavy bass carries on. It is dark and something that we can see being played with the lights down low.

It’s not often we hear this kind of sound — cosmic techno. For this Swedish duo, it is theirs for the taking. Kaveh Soroush and Kalle Ronngardh have been shaking the entire dance scene from its very roots with their unique style. It is intoxicating and their productions have garnered much support from industry giants like Sasha and Digweed, Mark Knight, Lee Burridge and much more.

As we get ready for the fall and winter, these types of sounds do please our ears. From the winds to the early sunsets, nothing brings the year to an end better than new techno music.

What is Cosmic Techno?

Some say it is a visceral and cerebral experience induced by seductive, deep, and groove heavy underground sounds. It captivates the power and beauty of the cosmos and brings us greater understanding of the universe. Common side effects to their music include unrelenting head bobbing, until you surrender to dance.

Take a listen to the latest new releases below. Let us know what you think of cosmic techno!

Pleasurekraft ft. The YellowHeads – Prison Planet | Buy/Stream

Pleasurekraft ft. Beico & Mt93 – A6 454 | Buy/Stream