Nina Kraviz Fires Back After Accusation of Cultural Appropriation

In a male dominated industry, woman often face criticism and bullying. Nina Kraviz is no stranger to these difficult challenges. Recently, the Russian DJ experienced a new type of confrontation after she uploaded photos of herself on Twitter sporting cornrows. As a result, a wave of backlash from Twitter users has erupted as some have concluded that this new look is “cultural appropriation” and “racist”.

Check out the Original Post Below:

Ever since Kraviz made the post on Friday, October 25, 2019, the attacks have been rolling in. In response, the ‘Feel My Butterfly‘ artist stated, “nobody “owns” hair braiding.” She felt as though the particular hairstyle was not tied to African culture and that her background shouldn’t determine if she could sport this specific look.

To add to the frustrating confrontation, Kraviz was also tested when a user stated, “having a title like “ghetto kraviz & then having cornrows. girl needs to get cancelled already. idc I’m just saying what y’all thinking. tired of these white girls in the techno scene, disrespectful” This was, of course, was in reference to her track ‘Ghetto Kraviz‘.

Although most of the response has been negative, there are still some of her supporters who have stepped up to defend her style choices when it comes to her hair. There have even been occurrences where Twitter users are insisting that Kraviz steps to apologize for her racist actions…

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Following a few days of the online “debate”, Kraviz has seemingly had enough. She cited, “deleted the whole thing as its going crazy and out of proportion. Lets stop this hatred. I am not a racist. And I hope you know and feel that. Peace out.” Despite her attempt to calm the situation at hand, there are still users chiming in with their opinions, good and bad. Where do you stand on this subject? Let us know via our official social media channels.