New App Will Help You Find the Best Clubs While Traveling

There are many ways to immerse yourself in the local culture while traveling.  Some people try local delicacies, others choose to couch-surf.  Here, we like to party with the locals!  So luckily for us, we’ll soon be getting an app to help find just the right club for a perfect night out while abroad. Thanks to Matthieu Rodrigues, the creator of the Techno Traveller Map a couple years back, the upcoming app Clubeling will allow users to “share clubs that mainly play house and techno music”.  

As a “community-based tool,” it aims to reduce the amount of time travelers waste on figuring out which club has the best beats. With that recent study showing that people are spending more time and money on the dance floor, the app clearly comes at the perfect time.

As of now, the app features 315 clubs over 38 countries, which of course will continue to grow. It is currently in Beta phase, and Clubeling will be inviting 500 users to test the app’s functionality and provide feedback.  It’s also a chance for early users to make sure their favorite clubs are mentioned.

So sign up to be one of the first 500 users of Clubeling here