Madeon Announces Good Faith Album Release Date

After more than 4 years of the release of his debut album ‘Adventure‘, Madeon‘s second album is expected to drop very soon. Thanks to a late Tuesday afternoon video drop, we have the exact date.

The video reveals that the album will drop on November 15.

The 25 years old has been talking about the release of the album called “Good Faith” for a while now. Three tracks are already out, ‘Dream dream dream‘, ‘All my friends’ and ‘Be fine‘ that dropped this October.

Madeon previously shared a dedicated website, confirming the upcoming album. This happened 5 months ago, but the fans have been waiting since then.

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Today, things are moving again. In the XML of the website, we can see a new hidden page with the tag “announce” in the URL, and the title “Good faith the album”. So unless it is another way to tease the release, we might be listening to the album very soon.

If you are impatient to hear Madeon’s newest tracks, you can catch him on his “Good faith” live tour. With such a busy schedule, one can only believe the album is already finished. So it’s just a matter of time before we can enjoy it. In the meantime, you can listen to some of his album and read more about it here.