The 88Rising team has been very successful lately merging the eastern music culture into the mainstream world. Their latest compilation album released last week on the second rendition of Head in the Clouds. The album featured 88Rising superstars including Rich Brian, Jackson Wang, Joji and even a handful of surprise features. One of the most attention grasping tracks came from Joji and Jackson Wang on their track ‘Walking’ that featured Swae Lee of Rae Sremmurd and of course our beloved Major Lazer trio.

‘Walking’ definitely stands out as one of the most interesting tracks on the album. Major Lazer was in charge of the production aspect of the track and they do it to perfection as they produce a vibey tune to comprehend the blissful vocals of Joji, Jackson Wang and Swae Lee. Major Lazer’s frontman, Diplo, has worked with a member of the 88Rising cast before. Rich Brian appeared on Diplo’s track ‘Bank Roll’ a few years ago after replacing the original vocals of Justin Bieber.

You can check out Joji and Jackson Wang’s track, ‘Walking’, featuring Major Lazer and Swae Lee below now.