Jason Ross Announces Debut Album Accompanying ‘When The Night Falls’ With Fiora

Jason Ross makes his return to Seven Lions‘ Ophelia records upon the release of ‘When The Night Falls‘ with Fiora. Making things even better, the single is coming off his debut album, ‘1000 Faces‘ on the label. Jason tends to cover many grounds in terms of genres with his releases, and that allows his music to find multiple homes. Whether you want to listen to his work which touches on melodic dubstep and psytrance, or trance exclusively, you’ll be able to find that. This new track with Fiora sees the two working on a track together again after the release of ‘Through It All‘.

Reverting attention to the current release, ‘When The Night Falls’ focuses on soft and melodic notes. Starting, the track introduces itself with an airy and distant melody. Pulling in Fiora’s vocals, it descends into a harmonious piano with minimal percussive notes. In continuation, the vocals take a punchier approach as the track rises. From there, the chorus takes a melodic and graceful approach. Overall, it’s delightful to hear Jason indulge in immersive and uplifting music such as this. We can only hope to hear more from Jason Ross on Ophelia, and time will tell when that comes to fruition.

No matter your genre preferences, he usually plays very diverse sets that stay true to what he enjoys. If you want to catch one of Jason’s shows, you can find his tour schedule in the link here. On another note, he’ll be partaking in the Ophelia Records showcase in NY.

Listen to Jason Ross ‘When The Night Falls’ with Fiora off ‘1000 Faces’ on Ophelia Records below!