GoPro just announced two new products that we think will be perfect for capturing all your festival memories . The new GoPro Hero 8 and GoPro Max offer amazing features at a fair price. GoPro products have been a fan favorite due to their compatibility and sturdy design. Additionally, their pocket-sized body allows one to record events on the go, saving their phone’s battery and storage. Before ordering the Hero 8 or Max, take a look at their key features to see which one is best suited for you.

Hero 8 Black

Up front, the Hero 8 looks nearly identical to the Hero 7. Look again and you’ll notice that the mounting prongs have been integrated into once piece. The prongs can now flip down and back up flush with the camera, depending on what accessories you plan to use. This means less small pieces to carry around and loose. Furthermore, it’s reported the users will be able to attach ‘mods’ to the camera body. These ‘mods’ may include external lights, microphones, and screens as seen below.

Moving on towards camera functionality and performance, you’ll notice the lens itself, is more flush to the camera’s body. With this benefit, there’s one drawback; the lens itself is not removable. Still, GoPro states the glass on the lens itself, is twice as hard as the Hero 7 and users shouldn’t worry about replacing it. At max settings, the Hero 8 can record 4K at 60 FPS. If you’re into slow motion, the 8 can record 240 FPS at maximum 1080p. The 8 can also stream at 1080p, compared to 720p on the Hero 7. HyperSmooth will also keep your videos smooth and stable.

For those interested in photography, GoPro added a great feature to bring your photos to life. Similar to Apple’s Live Photos, the Hero 8 has a new feature called the Live Burst Feature. If you choose this setting, the camera will record 1.5 seconds, before and after you hit the shutter. This way, you have a better chance at getting the shot you want and can pick the best frame later.

With a more streamlined software, GoPro states the Hero 8 will run more smoothly and benefit battery wise as well. The software will give users impressive HDR photos and even abilities to toggle lenses between narrow and the iconic super-wide, fish eye POV. All of these features will end up costing you $399. For an extra $100, you can pick up the GoPro Max, which we’ll talk about next. The Hero 8 can be ordered today here, with shipping set for October 15th!

GoPro Max

Similar to Apple’s Max labeled devices, the GoPro Max has premium features for with an expensive price tag. Up front, the Max doesn’t look much different than the Hero 8. The main difference is that the GoPro Max is a 360 degree camera, made up of two lenses. This isn’t the first spherical camera GoPro has released but they’ve rebranded it as the first products weren’t perfect.

Back in 2017, GoPro released the Fusion, their revolutionary 360 degree camera. The Fusion isn’t terrible but many users weren’t happy with it’s bulkiness and complicated software. This time, GoPro aimed to make a more consumer friendly device, similar to the Hero 8. Similar to the 8, the Max will be able to connect to other GoPro accessories like tripods and mounts. This way, you don’t need to carry separate accessories when traveling.

One of the most improved features is the Max’s ability to record data on a single memory card. In the Fusion, each lens needed its own memory card to record data. Furthermore, the touchscreen gives users the ability to easily swap settings and look over playback, without having to take out their phones or computers. Again, the Max and Hero 8 are very much alike, except the Max can shoot 360 degree video.

In terms of specs, the Max can shoot 5.6K video at 30 FPS. If you’re dedicated to 4K filming, the Hero 8 will likely be a better fit. Still, 4K isn’t a must-have as users will need equally powerful monitors to take full effect. Price wise, the Max will cost $499, $100 more than the Hero 8. After comparing the products, it’s a great deal considering the included features. If you’re just not into the spherical video look, the Hero 8 will be perfect. You can order the GoPro Max now here, with shipping set for October 24th!

Both the GoPro Max and Hero 8 will reportedly work seamlessly with the improved GoPro app. Within the app, users can edit, playback, and share media, almost anywhere in the world. Let us know what you think of GoPros new camera lineup and if you plan on purchasing one for the next festival season!